Superbrands Nigeria COVID-19 Brands Recognition

Many brands have stood out in these times, reshaped their processes to fit into the current situation that comes with the  novel COVID 19 pandemic. Some brands have used this opportunity to strengthen and prove their brand promise while others have spared no expense in reaching out to communities, the government and impacting lives. We recognise these brands and believe their stories are worthy of due reportage.

The Superbrands COVID19 brands recognition project seeks to bring to spotlight brands that have shown themselves worthy citizens locally and globally in current situations, while creating a platform and opportunity for them to tell their stories to consumers, society at large and a more global audience. We therefore invite brands to share their COVID 19 experiences, journeys, service delivery adaptations and impact, all to be conveyed on an eBook made available on the Superbrands website, telling these stories in the narrative of the brands and further, a documentary on TV.

Brands that wish to proceed to a larger platform and tell their stories to a more global audience are invited to do so on the Superbrands Tv – which serves as a global stage with thousands of reach across continents.

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